The Millman Method: Our Approach to Finding Managers and Executives

Since 1982, our clients return to us time and time again to help them find top managers and leaders.

They do so because they know we find the best fit for their company culture and objectives, and because they know we focus on getting it right the first time. In fact, on average, our clients retain over 96% of the placements that we find for them every year.

So how do we do it? Here are the initial steps:

  • We draw on industry expertise and connections to find word-of-mouth referrals
  • We include passive professionals in our searches, as well as those actively seeking new employment
  • We maintain a database containing well over 100,000 highly qualified candidates
  • We consider the exact skill sets and qualifications that best meet your company’s needs and culture
  • We also maintain quality control by performing complete and confidential reference checks for each candidate.

Next, following our intensive screening, we narrow potential candidates to a short list and offer that to our clients. That short list includes a detailed synopsis of notes and information captured in our interviews but not captured in the candidates’ resumes.

We then serve as the liaison between our clients and this short list of potential candidates, clarifying any issues that may arise on salary negotiations, benefits, and relocation.

We have perfected this unique approach for 35+ years.

I have known Millman Search since their inception. One of the finest in the industry. They care about their clients with a personal touch. And no one works harder than Mark, who sets the standards of excellence.

Richard Wolf, CRX, CLS, Senior Vice President, Madison Marquette

The Millman Method, along with your experienced team, has made us one of the top retained executive search firms in North America. For more information, please request a consultation.


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