Who are we? Some of the nations top recruiters

To be precise, we are a team of expert recruiters with a mastery of matching North American managers and executives with every kind of retail business.

Millman Search Group is the nation’s only search firm specializing in all types of searches for the shopping center industry and its entire tenant mix. Since 1982, we work with the full spectrum of:

  • Retail and Luxury Retail
  • Food and Beverage, Entertainment, Hospitality, Wellness, and Convenience Stores

For our Shopping Center clientele, we handle all your location needs for every type of positions from corporate to all fields for your properties including:

  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Lifestyle Centers
  • Strip Centers
  • Enclosed & Regional Malls
  • Outlets
  • Pads

In addition, we support your hiring needs for:

  • Office
  • Residential (multi-family, student, and senior housing)
  • Industrial (warehouse)  

Our consumer real estate specialization and what it means for you.

For starters, it means that we aren’t just recruiters: we are retail business experts in niche markets.

For the duration of our engagement, we’ll act not just as your recruiter but as your business partner; your interests and our own will be united. And if we’re a good fit, our relationship will last long after we find your first successful candidate.

Here’s how else you can benefit from our “retail real estate” expertise: we understand what’s coming next.

After 35 years in the business, we have placed thousands of executives and managers in positions in the retail real estate economy. We’ve seen some huge changes along the way. But here’s lesson number one: change is just going to keep coming. What else would you expect from the beating heart of the American economy?

The Retail Real Estate Industry is not standing still and neither can your business. You need managers and executives who navigate those changes. We know how to supply them.

Just look at what McKinsey and Co. recently noted in their fall 2017 report, The future of the shopping mall:

“These expanded public spaces will need to be planned and programmed over the year much like an exhibition. They will be managed more like content and media, instead of real estate”
– McKinsey & Company, The future of the shopping mall

You might think that only affects your hospitality and restaurant business; we think it will affect every single type of business in the industry.

So what kind of leader do you want for your business? An “arbitrary” candidate who looks right on paper?

Here’s a better idea: hire an experienced recruiting firm that knows what your business needs right now – and tomorrow – from your managers and executives. If you’d like to discuss in detail, please request a consultation or give us a call TODAY!

Where do we work?

Millman Search Group recruits executives and managers for positions in the field through to all corporate levels throughout the United States and Canada. Just as malls, retailers, food and entertainment concepts have spread to cities and suburbs everywhere, so have we.

As a result, our network of contacts is firmly entrenched in local markets all over the United States and Canada, from Atlanta to New York, from Los Angeles to Boston, and in all major metropolitan areas in between. 


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